The Happiness of Your Life Depends Upon the Quality of Your Thoughts

Thinking is just another form of nutrition – it feeds you the fuel with which you can exist in the first place. With no energy, you wouldn’t be able to maintain life, or to thrive in it. Our thoughts are extremely powerful in controlling our moods and in altering our behavior. When you realize that you have power over your mind – not outside events, then you will gain strength.

Try with me for a minute an experiment I once did in a Public Speaking class. Start walking around your table.  I’ll wait here. Are you walking? Good. Now you are going to walk around the kitchen table for a short 120 seconds (2 minutes). For the first minute, I want you to focus on thinking sad thoughts. Sad Sad things.  And while you are thinking about these sad things, take a second to take note of your speed and back posture. My guess is that you are scuffling a little and not moving with any pace. Also, you are probably slouching with less than awesome posture (I don’t have great posture to begin with but it got worse when I did this). Now, I want you to take a second, 15 seconds more or less, and shake off the negative thoughts and refresh yourself. Now that we have that all shaken off, start walking again. This time, however, focus on only positive thoughts! Compliment yourself and think about how awesome you are! Notice something different? You were probably walking a little more quickly with better posture. You felt better and time probably went by more quickly.

This is the power of thought! It doesn’t just affect your mind, it has the power to change your physiology. It should tell you that what you consume – the energy you take in – directly determines what you produce – what you put out, how you’re going to feel, what you can accomplish. And I’m not just talking about food or thoughts – the same thing applies to the ideas you expose yourself to, the people you’re surrounded by, the books you read and greater vision you choose to conceive.


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