And It’s Been A While



Hello there, friends!! I must apologize for my long absence. I recently got a new day job, that required me to travel for training the first two months, and also have moved. These past months have been a crazy time!! I hope you all have been practicing your happiness skills and have been able to lead happy lives as we have come into the holiday season. I just want to share a couple of thoughts I have had over this time.

First, never let any one control your happiness. While away traveling I struggled staying happy. I was in unfamiliar places with unfamiliar faces and that is not my habitat where I thrive. I had a group of other people that were training with me and there was one particular in our group who…… how to put it nicely…… drove me up the wall just looking at him. There was something about him that my personality and his did not get along on a fundamental level. There were several times when I let him rob me of my happiness and gave up control of my emotions. These were hard times and led to me struggling on maintaining my mental health and sanity. Not letting others actions and behaviors control your emotions is a hard skill to learn and one I work on daily, but it will yield you immeasurable happiness!

Second, life is hard. Sometimes we feel like nothing we do is good enough or we should be doing more or even that we should be farther in life. As I was going thought the process of starting a new job and moving I struggled with this constantly. In all honesty it is something I have struggled with my entire life. I had a moment of clarity as I was setting up my new kitchen. I realized that even though I may not be as established as many of my friends I am still doing pretty well. I make enough to put a roof of my head, food in my belly and a little extra to have a social life. It is important to take time to sit back and contemplate all the good things in your life. You are doing great!

There are so many other things I want to tell you, however, it is past my bed time. I am home now and you can count on more post to come! Stay happy my friends.

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